Tap Tap Tap

Open source tapping game built with Javascript


After 6 months of hard work applying everything I’ve learned in Javascript, I present to you this simple game that works perfectly on both mobile phones and desktop browsers. And of course, I’m sharing the source code with everyone hoping it’d help someone learn more Javascript.

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Mohammad S. Jaber
Alexandre Kopelevitch
Yábir Benchakhtir
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  • Zalmay Karimi
    Zalmay KarimiFounder of Chatlanding.com

    Nice attention to detail with a very smooth flow to the whole game


    No cons noticed

    It's not unbearably difficult nor incredibly easy. It's in the middle, which puts it in a sweet spot for pastime gaming. It would be interesting to see what a leaderboard would add to the mix of all this.

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  • Pros: 

    Fascinating and simple


    Not found

    Perfect time killer, thank you!

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  • Nour Abusoud
    Nour AbusoudFrontend engineer

    fun, easy & addictive




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