TaoMix 2

Easily create relaxing soundscapes, now on Android.

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Sébastien MoureyMaker@sebastienmourey · Cofounder & developer, inookta
Hi folks, our award winning app TaoMix 2 is now available on Android... and it's completely FREE until August 21! Give it a try and let us know what you think! :)
John Amadeo@john_amadeo · CS Major at Yale
@sebastienmourey I've always wanted something like this!What made you want to make this in the first place? 😀 I personally see myself using this to create relaxing audio to listrn to when studying
Sébastien MoureyMaker@sebastienmourey · Cofounder & developer, inookta
@john_amadeo I'm glad you like the idea :) I wanted to create something different from the existing noise machines. In TaoMix, the soundscapes you create will evolve randomly over time, for a better immersion. And you can record your own sounds, for unique and personal ambiances ;) I use it as a background noise for meditation, and to go to sleep 😴