A virtual office for remote & distributed teams

No - it's not VR, but it's the closest thing to in-person collaboration!
See who's available right now and what app they are working in. Talk and screenshare in one-click.
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Hi all! Bernat here, Co-founder and designer at Tandem. Feel free to nag me if anything is confusing, as it will most likely be my fault. Also, shoutout to any remote dads for being awesome. Being part of my son life (now 1 year) thanks to working remotely has been a blessing. Tandem was born out of the need to balance family life and high speed tinkering :)
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@bernatfortet Awesome Job Bernat!
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@bernatfortet what an amazing reason to create this product. I was stuck with Skyping/ Hangout when my little one was, well little :). Congrats and all the best guys!
@bernatfortet remote dad here! My little one is 18 months - love working remotely so I can spend more time with them, and hope Tandem can help with that!
With remote work on the rise, there's a growing need for more flexible, spontaneous, real-time communication. Tandem has put a lot of time into delivering a beautiful app that makes it dead-simple to talk with your team. We have a distributed team at YC and it can be a struggle to stay in sync. Several of the partners have tried this and we've been extremely impressed!
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@gustaf +1 Love Tandem! It has made our coms 3-4x more efficient. As a fully distributed team, we hop on calls a LOT more often.
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@gustaf @bouazizalex 🙏keep the feedback coming and we'll keep making it better :)
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Thanks, Gustaf! Hey PH community! 👋 We started building Tandem when two of us had kids and started working from home more. We tried a bunch of different tools, but hated the friction in all of them. We've all worked on remote teams before, but even with our experience, we felt slower, less collaborative, and more alone when we worked remotely. We built a one-click calling prototype, added video and screenshare, and this eventually became Tandem. Some details on how ⚡️instant calls⚡️ work: - You can click on someone and talk immediately, but they will be on mute until they accept. - All calls start as voice, but can be upgraded to video and screenshare. - Customizable rooms are a nice way to invite teammates to talk when they're free. Some details on app presence: - Your teammates will be able to see which work app you're currently in (only for a select set of integrated apps) - this gives everyone a sense of being together, and helps you know when a teammate is interruptible. - You can go into Focus Mode if you don't want to be bothered, in which case your app will not be shown. Pricing: 14 day free trial, then $10 / active user / month or...FREE for the Product Hunt community if you can hop on a short feedback call every-other week. This helps us learn, and we can also help you get more out of Tandem. We are constantly improving the app, so tell us what you think. With your help, we can make remote work more collaborative and social! 🙏👥👌 -Rajiv (co-founder)
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@rajiv_ayyangar Congrats Rajiv!
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@jasonbarry thanks! And thanks for the early alpha feedback!
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@rajiv_ayyangar do we have any official trial and pricing info on the home page tandem.chat? I can not find it
Very cool. Almost seems like Houseparty for work.
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@bradleyengel 👌You can write our marketing materials.
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Awesome to see the progress on this back when it was named Wisp. This space is heating up (that's a good thing).
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@rrhoover Thanks! We are stoked - not just for Tandem, but for the whole remote tools space!
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