Tame 1.0

A beautiful all-in-one planning tool for modern event teams

Tame is on a mission to solve the chaos of event planning and replace all the spreadsheets todays event managers are using to plan their events!

  • Pros: 

    Awesome dashboards, great calculations and really easy to use. Nice user experience!


    Don't know any.

    Really great solution for event organizers!

    I love the dashboards and analytics about the events. It gives me all details in a great overview (participant data, revenue, etc.)!

    Awesome design. Love the product so far!

    Michael Dohlen has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Event planning in a box! Many great features to manage lifecycle of an event all wrapped in a great design


    Still some features missing, but sure they will come over time.

    The Tame team have made it stupid simple to manage even large events and all the suppliers, vendors, sponsors and guests who all is part of a succesful event. #Addicted

    Eric Lagier has used this product for one week.
Hola Product Hunt, Thanks, @boetter, for featuring us! I am Jasenko, CEO & Co-founder at Tame, and I’m happy to show you guys what we’ve created here and why! As former event managers we experienced the struggles of planning a large tech conference, where we used spreadsheets, google drive, eventbrite and tons of other tools. We tried to find one easy solution that could streamline all our event planning in one place but couldnt. We researched over 1000+ tools but came up short, so we decided to embark on a journey to build the best event planning tool in the world! Today we are excited to share our journey with you and show you what we’ve built! We’re incredibly passionate about product design and with this we want to make the most beautiful SaaS software out there! Let us know your thoughts and feedback! Jasenko, Mickey, Niels, Deividas, Hugo, Natalia, Younes, Taqi, Ahsan & Abdul
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This looks great @jasenkohadzic - hope you can more currencies soon - in the meantime shared and curated!
@krishnade we're really happy that you like it! I have just talked to our product team and its a priority the coming weeks, so it should come soon! I'll ping you as soon as we have it ready! :) thanks a s well for the shares & curation! <3
Followed the team and product develop over the last 18 months; awesome result coming out now!
@tommy_andersen thank you so much for the kind words, tommy! :)
Wow this looks awesome! I organize a few student events at Uni and will definitely give this a try!! Will return with some feedback :-)
Looks awesome! I look forward to test it on our seminars over during the next few months
@cheilmann thanks so much! do let us know if we can help you get started in any way :)
This looks great. It's definitely a tool we'll use at Iconfinder!
@leblancstartup thank you so much, Martin! Let us know if we can help you guys get going in any way :)
@jasenkohadzic Thanks. Let's get in touch soon.