Tambola 2.0

Play tambola with your friends in lockdown.

Play tambola online with your friends from anywhere in the world and from any device.
This new version of tambola features:
- Online ticket generator
- Add/Edit game rules
- Play in a group
- Automatic number calling
- Claim prizes
- Use it as a PWA App
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Best game lunched during quarantine days. <3
Very well executed. Upvoted. Few suggestions; * As a host, I could not put my name. (Or did I miss it). * Also, find a way to add a light-weight chat + emojis. overlay or something. It can do wonders. * Sharing the code should copy the entire joining link instead of only the room code. It makes it a lot easier. * Provision to share the results after the game will help spread the app. * If a participant does not enter a name the room code is taken as default. Instead, allot a random animal name or something to avoid repeated usernames. I have mentioned an idea to monetize it in a comment above. What is the max number of participants allowed?
@shree Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback. Most of them are already in my future feature list. I'll surely work on them. Any number of participants can be supported but as of now I've capped them upto 30, as more participants will require me to upgrade my servers accordingly.
Congratulations @saumya_rastogi @rastogi_saurav on the launch. Amazing ux and interface. So how did you both planned in making it? How long did it took from idea to launch?
Thanks, @divjpatel. I appreciate that you liked the game. Actually it all started with our own problem. We were out on a week trip with the family and we enjoy playing tambola. That is when the idea strikes to our mind that there is no good application (in terms of UX/flow) available on the internet which can help everyone to play it seamlessly. It all started a month and a half ago when we first launched version 1.0 which only features the random number generator. You'll also find a medium post from @saumya_rastogi which explains the planning and next steps in detail - https://medium.com/@saumya04/tam.... This is how it all started and here we are with version 2.0. We still have more plans going forward and we would be building everything on top of it. Any feedback is always appreciated.
I checked your v1.0 that had a very good UI and UX flow. But man this v2.0 is just killing it! Awesome and lovely product. I am already playing it with my friends being in home during lockdown. Do you have any plan in adding pricings there? How you are going to monetize it?
@abhishek_chakravarty1 Thanks a ton 🙏I haven't thought of pricing yet, as I've made this product to solve my own problem of playing tambola with a whole new experience. But yup I'm already getting traction from HR departments about this product, so I'll be looking forward to it. Also it would be great if you guys can also suggest more ideas regarding the monetisation.
@abhishek_chakravarty1 @saumya_rastogi Great app. Nice UI. About the monetization you can get sponsors for self-created championships. You will get money and eyeballs both.