Tally: Sports Predictions

Where sports fans predict outcomes and win cash

Tally is a no-risk, all-reward predictions game that takes live sports events to the next level—think fantasy, but for fans of every stripe. Predict 12 simple outcomes for NFL and NCAA Football games, for a chance to win the $100 guaranteed per-game payout, or the $5,000 Jackpot (for those who predict a perfect game).

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Hi PH, Trevin here, VP of Product at Tally. We just kicked off our public beta of Tally, starting with predictions for the NFL and NCAA, and want to invite everyone on PH to join in on the fun. Tally is a predictions game that takes live sports events to the next level—for casual fans and stats-geeks alike. Our goal is to create experiences for sports fans that make every game as fun as the SuperBowl — inspired by Fantasy Football, but aimed at fans of all levels, who want an easy way to amplify sports events without the need to get deep into stats and/or commit the time it takes for fantasy. Best of all, we’re offering guaranteed cash prizes for every game! Here's how it works: Players select games to predict, and answer 12 simple questions such as “who will win the game?” or “how many touchdowns will we see in the first half?”. Results are Tally’d live as each game unfolds, and fans track their standings on the leaderboard. Winners of each game receive cash prizes. OK. Now you know how it works, but here's the good stuff: 💰 $5,000 Jackpot for a perfect game 💵 $100 cash to top player(s) in every game 🆓 Always free to play ✅ Faster than Fantasy As a bonus for Product Hunt members, enter code “ProductHunt” during sign up and you’ll get 10k points during your first game to give you an edge on the competition. Feedback? Questions? I’m here!
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@trevin FYI - nothing happens when I click the download button(s).
@agweber Sorry for the trouble you're having. Are you on iPhone or Android? Based on other replies here, it looks like people aren't having issue so wondering what the problem is. Can you just use the "Get the app" in the top of this PH listing?

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Nice! Just downloaded and submitted some picks 😃 Use my code when you sign up so we both get 10k points: davis
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@daviswbaer good luck in tonight’s TNF game!
Hey guys, congrats on your PH listing, Tally looks good 😉 I would like to offer you to publish an interview about Tally at https://startupradius.com/ please PM me at paul@startupradius.com for more details
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Very cool concept! What is the business model behind Tally? Do you intended to include ads at some point or are you using the ~~wisdom of the crowd~~ as a type of proprietary model for sports betting?
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@hannahkonnn We’re building an audience around sports events and focused right now on football. A larger audience provides some interesting opportunities down the road. For now, we are focused on building a fun experience to amplify live sporting events.
@hannahkonnn @trevin I was also wondering this! - like Hannah said, what's the business model? Just curious if this will be sustainable so I can keep playing in the future.