TalkSearch by Algolia

An interactive search experience for conference videos

TalkSearch by Algolia is an interactive search for conference videos

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Once again, a really nice project from Algolia team! This is definitively a great tool for conference organizer that want to offer a nice experience to their community. It's way more powerful than a simple Youtube channel or Playlist. With the transcript, you can directly jump to the relevant section of the video. From a speaker perspective, I was able to point some repetition of terms in my talks using this tool. So it also helps you improving your public speaking skills :) Good job again!
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Hey hunters, It's that time of year again, the announcement of Algolia's holiday gift to the developer community 🙌 Our team loves going to conferences and listening to talks, but we don't always have time to watch every session. To make it easy to find the best parts of the talks we missed, we created TalkSearch — an interactive search through video titles, descriptions and transcripts. The search results take you directly to the moment in the video that’s most relevant to you. Try it out with one of our first partners like GOTO - or the dotConferences - Any developer conference or meetup can request a TalkSearch for their videos using the form on the homepage - it’s 100% free. To request a page for your conference or meetup: Questions? Comments? Suggestions for improvement? As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Happy Holidays!

great tool to add content-based search to video platforms. looking forward to rolling this out to more teams


incredibly useful and simple implementation


none yet

This looks like a great tool @dessaigne - you mention it is for conferences - what about others using it? As an example I have a weekly show which we repurpose to YouTube and it would be interesting to see how you platform could support people searching from content from those replays
@krishnade sounds like a good idea, submit the form and we’ll get in touch
@haroenv Thanks - have done so
@dessaigne @krishnade For now the focus is conferences and meetups but as @haroenv mentioned we're open to hearing about other ways it could be useful to others and the community.