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I've seen Talkoot in action and it's pretty insanely robust. If you work on product copy and have trouble managing that process, you should check this out. (Full disclosure: I helped build the marketing site.)
Hi. Here's a bit of backstory about Talkoot from one of the people who dreamt it up: Talkoot started as a tool to help our own small-yet-mighty writing business. Since 2003, the writing studio that gave birth to Talkoot has been providing some of the world's biggest brands with well-polished product copy. As digital marketing took off and the channels requiring unique content kept growing, keeping it all on message and on deadline got more and more difficult. Tired of holding on by our fingernails every time copy monsoon season rolled around, we realized we needed a centralized, streamlined way to write, edit, translate and approve copy quickly and at scale. So, we went looking for a content production tool that could handle everything we needed to throw at it. If we had found one, the story would end there. But we didn't. We called all our ecom-content-producing friends and found out everybody else was still working in clunky spreadsheets, just like we were. So, we built a system ourselves. It's a simple, cloud-based app that helps teams turn out massive amounts of amazing product content that sparks people to click the 'buy' button. If you're responsible for creating product content—whether it's for catalogs, ecommerce, hangtags, packaging or any other channel—and feel like you’re barely holding on by your fingernails, we'd love to show you how talkoot helped us.
Interesting idea but can you be more transparent on pricing? No way to sign up for a trial, only "request" one + lack of any disclosure in that regard = smelling something very overpriced.