Talko for Slack

Team calls for mobile & web in any Slack channel

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The integration allows team members to start a team call in any Slack channel by simply typing "/talko". The WebRTC-based calls work across mobile (iOS; Android coming soon) and web (Chrome, Firefox). As with all Talko calls, team members can replay key moments so that anyone not there LIVE can easily come up to speed on decisions, etc. Read more about it here: Please let us know of any questions. We want to help! And, please share feedback.
This is so needed. I want to try this at Branch!
@mada299 Thats great Mada. We'll love to get your feedback.
@mada299 Please let me know if you have any questions at all. We'd love to help you get going!
So this is like when you send a voice message on WhatsApp? It's great to have a tool like that for Slack! I was actually waiting for the Slack team to come up with that idea but you guys beat them. Just a question, do you have any lenght limit for the voice message? Great work Talko!
@rutgerteunissen Hi Rutger. You can indeed send voice messages in Talko. However, our Slack integration is primarily focused on LIVE team calls. Great for scenarios like a daily team standup meeting. There's no length limit - a team of up to 25 people can have a LIVE call in Talko for a few minutes or a few hours! The LIVE call, like a voice message, is recorded and can be tagged or bookmarked so that anyone who wasn't there can listen to the important parts later to get caught up. Let me know of any questions - I'd be happy to help you get started with the integration.
Thrilled to report that the integration now works bi-directionally. So you can start your call, while mobile, with a simple tap in the Talko mobile app and the call link will post to the Slack channel. We'd love to hear what you think. Please give it a try and share feedback.
iOS App not available in my local store? We speak English!