Live & asynchronous voice communications on mobile

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I hope you're enjoying the product. The team and I are really happy with how our early users have received and engaged with it. (We've been testing it with several hundred users and about a dozen businesses for the past 12-14 months, refining & simplifying.) Please let me know if I can answer any questions; happy to do so.
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We launched integration with Slack today. The integration allows team members to start a team call in any Slack channel by simply typing "/talko". The calls work across mobile (iOS now; Android coming soon) and web. And, as with all Talko calls, there's the ability to replay key moments so that anyone who couldn't be there LIVE can easily come up to speed on decisions, etc. You can read more about it here - And get it here - We'd love feedback!
Really worth checking this out. Let it sink in for a bit.
@stevesi Thanks, Steven.
Here's a lovely animated GIF, taken from @ryanlawler's coverage: Talko's been in development for over 2 years (which seems like an eternity in internet years). I just took it for a quick run and it seems very polished, certainly more feature rich than most voice communication apps on day 1. Although I love the scan-ability and asynchronous nature of text, it's much slower and carries less emotion than speech. I need to play with this a bit before I can formulate much of an opinion.
@rrhoover is the speech searchable? Auto transcription would be the killer feature here I imagine, to differentiate with other voice products in this space. nnAnd I do agree with you that asynchronous text has room to be more emotional; hoping to share with you soon!nnMeanwhile I'll be checking Talko out for sure...
@rrhoover check your poop3.0 talkto messages
@dannyjespinoza unfortunately voice isn't searchable but that's a great idea. Probably a power user feature but particularly useful for business use cases.
Whoa look at the size of those emojis
@ImChauncey are we related?
@joshkerr Product Hunt: Bringing estranged families together! Also @ImChauncey, reply to my Talko please.