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Point and click annotated feedback (w/ just 1 line of code)

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Nice concept. You can provide point and click feedback right on a product/site. Going from sign-up to having the code snippet just takes a few seconds. They are a YC company.
Hey everyone (founder of TTU here), we're the team from @kivo. Getting feedback from users has been a problem for a lot of the startups we know (including us), so we really wanted to create something to make getting/giving feedback fun and easy. We were sick of asking people to send us screenshots and not being sure what someone meant over email. The product is still in beta, but, unsurprisingly, we'd welcome any and all feedback! Either here in the comments, or try annotating our site with your thoughts and one of us will get back to you. Thanks so much for checking us out :)
would be great for mobile apps.
@OurielOhayon yep, we're working on it. will try and get in touch to follow up with your thoughts :)
@OurielOhayon @zefi interested in that as well
this is pretty cool, good work guys
@saijo_george thanks very much, feel free to drop me specific feedback (zefi[at], or just leave it on the site
Please let us know - saul[at] when you can offer for chrome, firefox, safari browser extensions.