Talk to Trump

Tell the President-elect your thoughts with video

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The President-elect has asked all Americans for feedback on what they want to see for the future of America. The Countable team has made it incredibly simple to capture those wishes and pass them on to the Transition Team via the contact form on the official website. The magic here is that they automatically pre-fill all of this information out for you and deliver the message via video, rather than text.
This is a very cool way to reach the president-elect! Like him or hate him he's our president and he is here to lead America. It's important we communicate with him
A great way to speak up and let the Trump team know what we think.
Thanks for the hunt, Chris! Over the last year, @Countable has really grown technologically. We introduced the ability to send a video message to lawmakers about pieces of legislation, and now are scaling that product out so that any person or organization can easily capture video stories from their audience. Talk to Trump is a fantastic example of this technology. By sending a message via Talk to Trump, your message is delivered directly to the Trump Transition Team. Bart and I will be around all day today - happy to answer any questions! 😄
This is an excellent. Video will work way better, since Trump can’t read.