How hot startups find college talent

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@sydney_liu_sl & @rchktk are the founders, and some of the coolest people I know. They started this in their college dorm rooms at USC and now are helping companies like Secret attract talent at colleges! They also have a 25% discount for Hunters!
Thanks for posting Erik! Our passion is to make it easy for hardworking students to find amazing opportunities and learn the skills they need and deserve. We're really excited to share our story today. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
@sydney_liu_sl what companies does TalentTrail look for? And how does the match up really work? Is TalentTrail in every school right now?
@theotrojan Hey Theo! we look for companies that will offer students great experiences. We hope students will be able to learn and grow in their internships. We built a matching algorithm with the co-founder of eHarmony. The algorithm takes into account a lot of information to make sure that you have the best fit. Students from over 30 schools have applied, but we are more focused in around 15 schools, centralized around California.
@sydney_liu_sl what is the difference between TalentTrail and Tyba?
@johntheoak Thanks for reaching out Joao! TalentTrail is focused on internships and entry level positions only. We exclusively target college talent
If you're a college student looking for an internship or a company looking to hire talent, TalentTrail's service is well worth it. Great team that knows how to execute in this fast-paced market.
@porlando Thank you Paul! :)
I've known Sydney for quite a while now and basically have watched him take TalentTrail from series of brief conversations, pivot, pivot again, again, again etc, to what it is today. Great team, great product.
@davefontenot gotta check this out. reminiscent of hackmatch.com
@davefontenot @eriktorenberg I wish I could share the screenshot of Dave's spot on my calendar tomorrow :)