Conquer your city & interact with players around you

Takers is a lot of a strategy game, a bit of ingress, and a hint of Pokemon Go - combined with many social features Takers provides amazing fun activity for in and outdoors alike.

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Nathan Fried
Nathan FriedMaker@nathanfriedom
Hello here! I've had the pleasure to lead the team and help creating #Takers, we've had great fun in developing this. Would love to get your thoughts and suggestions on it :) Thank you Nathan
Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @ bornmkg.com
Wow guys this is looking really cool and like fresh air in the location based gaming world, kudos on the reviews on Google Play. Have you started working on the iOS, do you have a release date? I can't wait !
Nathan Fried
Nathan FriedMaker@nathanfriedom
@cassandra_beaulieu Thank you! We've started to work on the iOS version but since we're a real small team it's hard to give a date, but you can always register on the site for an update! :)
Tom Wolters
Tom Wolters@tom_wolters · iOS Developer
@cassandra_beaulieu @nathanfriedom hope to see the iOS version soon!