Effective and humane coding challenges for candidates

With Takehome you can administer at-home coding challenges to your candidates in a way that respects and values their time.

Create your own challenges or pick form a range of sample challenges. Any language, any framework.

Takehome makes it simple to keep track candidates and review their responses as a team.

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Hi hunters! I'm David, maker of Takehome. I believe that a coding challenge is a really important part of a technical interview process. I also believe that the way most coding challenges are administered is awful. Takehome is a tool, but it's also a manifestation of the hiring philosophy I've built up over years of hiring developers into my own companies. If you're interested in a way to do technical hiring that gives you better results and helps bring more diverse candidates through the funnel, give Takehome a try. If you have any questions about how Takehome works or why it works the way it does, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, David.
@davidbanham looks cool. I am a big believer in short, relevant takehome tests as a way to evaluate candidates. We've rolled our own solution with github so far, I'm interested in your timeboxing features - that has been an especially manual effort for us. How does it work in Takehome?
@christopherspiller thanks! I completely agree that keeping things short and relevant to your domain is critical. Takehome uses a custom git server. When the candidates clones the repo, the timer starts. When the time is up (with some leeway configurable by the challenger) the server no longer accepts pushes. I think time limits are critical to be able to compare candidates. It's much too easy for interviewer bias to creep in when thoughts like "oh well I'm sure she spent longer on it than he did" are possible. Give the free trial a run and you'll get a good idea of how it all works. It should make things a lot easier than doing it manually. If you've got any feature requests I love hearing from my users! Thanks, David.