Take Control of TextExpander

ebook detailing how to get the most out of TextExpander

Excellent introduction to TextExpander for OS X and TextExpander touch for iPad & iPhone. Michael Cohen is thorough and has an excellent sense of humor. (Disclaimer: My company publishes the TextExpander software.)
Thanks to Greg for posting “Take Control of TextExpander.” I’m the publisher of Take Control Books, and I’m happy to answer any questions about the book or our publishing model, which aims to create a virtuous circle: • Readers win by getting professionally edited and written documentation that answers questions and provides step-by-step instructions. • The developer benefits through increased exposure, reduced support costs, and a book to sell alongside the software. Plus, since we often work during a beta phase, if we can’t figure out how to explain a feature, that’s often indication it needs rethinking for users. • And we, as the publisher, get the opportunity to write about software we love without worrying about how we’ll reach enough of the app’s users to make our effort worthwhile.