Take Control of Slack Admin

Learn how to make your Slack team sing! (Not literally.)

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I’m the publisher of Take Control Books and one of the editors of “Take Control of Slack Admin.” This book picks up where “Take Control of Slack Basics” leaves off, since there are some things in Slack that only admins can do, or that only admins need to worry about. In the book, author Glenn Fleishman focuses on helping both novice admins and IT staff set up and manage Slack teams. The book provides lots of real-world advice on setting up channels, configuring administrative settings, and using integrations to turn Slack into a control center that brings together all sorts of external services and communication streams. Glenn also includes a chapter on helping admins manage the squidgy human side of the equation, with suggestions on how to create a code of conduct, deal with troublesome teammates, and use Slack itself to encourage good behavior. Linked from within the book are training materials in the form of a PDF-based slide deck and handout, since we expect admins will need help training users. The book is available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi formats, and is entirely DRM-free. This is a professionally written, edited, and produced book, not some slapdash Word document that’s printed to PDF and called an “ebook.” For admins who are new to Slack, or who are looking for documentation with which to educate users, we have a companion title, “Take Control of Slack Basics,” and we offer steeply discounted bulk pricing for organizations that want to provide the Basics book to all their users. I’m happy to answer any and all questions!