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#2 Product of the DayNovember 04, 2019
Tailwind Builder is the first genuinely advanced editor for the Tailwind CSS framework. 140 ready-to-use HTML components and convenient settings will speed up your development process! Try Demo »
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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 I am the maker of Tailwind Builder. It's an online editor for the Tailwind CSS framework. 🤔 What's Tailwind CSS? According to the authors, it's "a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs". According to supporters, it's "the best thing that happened to CSS in recent years". 💪 Tailwind Builder is an online tool to help you work with that framework faster. Note: You don't need to know Tailwind CSS to use our editor. You can confirm that in the demo (you don't need to sign up). Features: * 140 ready-to-use HTML components (drag & drop). * All Tailwind settings are available with convenient pickers. * Autocomplete for CSS classes. * Live edit & online preview. * You can export code to HTML and CSS (compiled version) and Pug and Tailwind config (sources). * Easy build ("npm run build") Bonus: All Tailwind Builder users automatically get access to Bootstrap Shuffle and Bulma Builder for free (editors for other popular CSS frameworks). Any feedback is welcome! Thank you
@dawid_andrzejewski Congrats on the launch! Awesome product, which technologies did you use to built this?
@jake_prins Thanks! The editor is based on the same technology I used to create Bootstrap Shuffle and Bulma Builder. A lot of JS, and PHP&Symfony in the back-end. I use small services in node & express to compile Tailwind config to CSS (or sass to css in Bootstrap/Bulma case). Landing page has been created in.. Tailwind Builder:)
@dawid_andrzejewski Kudos for making a really cool and easy to use builder!! :) Re your feedback request, sharing a couple of feedback points here- https://app.usebubbles.com/40305...
I m already a user of your bootstrap version. And as i jumbed on tailwindcss i was waiting for this product. I m very happy to see that coming today :) ❤️❤️
@aminebenj I'm happy to hear that! You can sign in to Tailwind Builder with your Bootstrap Shuffle account :)
@dawid_andrzejewski Awesome, thank you for making that possible :)
@dawid_andrzejewski I tried it, and I m happy with it. But i struggle making the menu button (burger) or the gallery with slider work. Is there anything that i m doing wrong ? Or did you choose to use just tailwind so no js, and it make it impossible to make them work? thank you
@aminebenj You're right. Bulma Builder and Tailwind Builder do not have any external dependencies, just like these CSS frameworks. It may change in the future, depends on users' feedback:) (like your comment)
@dawid_andrzejewski Good, I think it can be interesting if you make both. Just add some sections with a tag (using JS). So you let the user choose if he want to add a section with or without JS :)
Dayummmm this is so sexy! Great job @dawid_andrzejewski ... I've been meaning to get into Tailwind and this is getting me really inspired :) Congratulations on the launch!
@alxcnwy thank you! Good luck with your Tailwind projects!
This looks incredible! I have been messing with Tailwind on some side-projects but still am a bit meh with CSS. This could be a game changer!
this team is very good! congrats