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Have to agree with @bogomer. It's clear what Tailor should do, but I have no idea how.
@bogomer @plokhoj Thank you for your comment! I have included an example of a decision at usetailor.com/start/2 that might make it a little more clear. I will try to improve that throughout the day :)
Great idea, but you need to work more on the usability :)
@bogomep I agree with that! This is a free beta in fact and I thought it would be valuable to have several testers to improve the algorithm. What do you find most unusable? :)
@giordanobd I am not quite sure what to do with it - maybe you can post a short tutorial with a sample landing page.
@bogomep Gotcha! Would you say you understood what it could be used for, but are not sure what to do when you hit usetailor.com/start/2 or have no idea what the purpose of the thing is?
@giordanobd I "have no idea what the purpose of the thing is" as a start. (I am a marketeer)
@bogomep Understood! I'll try to make it more clear on the homepage, and maybe add a picture on the setup process. To answer your question, it essentially improves conversions by showing each user a different page based on what similar users have liked most. Sorta like automatic, set-it-up-and-forget-about-it, segmented AB testing.
Hello everyone! I'm the maker of Tailor, which is a service that lets you easily create different versions of your landing pages and show the best one to your visitors by segmenting them with several traits. You can create as many edits as you want and track conversions however you'd like. This includes going on a particular page or scrolling a certain length. The system will run all tests automatically and perform various statistical tests to make sure the changes it makes are sound. The end result is improved conversions and no time wasted looking at results. If you have any questions, I'll be here all day replying to them, or get in touch with the help desk at team@usetailor.com! Thank you @erictwillis :)
@usetailor @erictwillis @giordanobd Can you elaborate on what traits we can segment against?
@usetailor @erictwillis @kicksopenminds Sure! Traits are mainly device characteristics + browser characteristics + user time / place. You don't really need to segment yourself as all tests are run against all segments and if a result is statistically relevant for a segment it is considered for future users. In the future we plan on making a table on the page view which shows which option we are displaying to different users :)
I like the idea and it was pretty clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. The home page may be a bit more technical than it needs to be. People need to know what you do and even better how it benefits them before they need to know how you do it. That can come after they sign up. Testimonials and case studies would go far in illustrating how your product will benefit them. I will give it a try.
@ljjones I see what you mean. I will think about how that can be improved :)
Are you using tailor for your own landing page? If so, how is it working w the PH crowd today? Edit - are the prices behind the "Free while in beta" for real? $2250 a month for the top level?
@sacbookreviewer Hi Ross :) The prices are not “real.” We really haven't thought about them much, except for, there are gonna be three tiers. It is being used on the launch page and it has doubled conversions vs not using it :) From today's experience I would say that it is especially useful on launch days as it allows to put all options in and not need to run AB tests etc. while you are busy with the launch itself :)
@giordanobd very cool. always like it when people eat their own dog food. I'll have to give it a try w an upcoming project and see how it works