📝Live captions recorder for Google Meet

👋Lead the conversation and let Tactiq take care of the notes!
📝 High quality captions provided by Google Meet
💾 Export transcription to Google Doc, file, app
📌 Pin important conversation to easily find it in the transcript
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G'Day Product Hunt community👋, Thanks for the hunt, @justin_rockmore 😊 I’ve built this extension to help you stay focused during meetings by reducing the time spent on note taking. We all started to have substantially more video calls and having all conversations saved in the text format provides you with the backup. While the product was focusing on product meetings, among existing 10000+ users there are a lot of teachers and educators who need to track and refer back to the discussions that now take place online. The mission is to make powerful meeting notes while minimising the time you spend on writing them. Look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks for the support! 🙌
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🎉Are you ready to change the way you use Google Meet? With the ability to record live captions in Google Meet, you'll never miss a word - and given COVID there's no better time! . 🔥I first discovered Tactiq a few months ago while on the tail-end of working at a remote-only company and I loved what I was able to do with the product! . 💬You can finally shift back to focusing on your meetings and the topics at hand without being distracted by having to take note of everything being said - it's as easy as turning on captions during your meeting and you're ready to go! . ❗If you're looking to streamline your meetings - this is a must-add from the Chrome Store
I love Tactiq and have been using it for a while now! The Chrome app is amazing!
Thanks for the kind words, @dansiepen! :)
I use this extension and it works really well. It's helped me transition to remote meetings. Great work!
Thanks, @danielsegal6! Glad to know that it helps you with the remote meetings
Product looks super sleek, love how it saves to my own Google doc - no need to login into another app just to view my notes. Will be trying it out in my next meeting :)
@dennisong Great to hear that you like the experience. Looking forward to hearing how it goes📝