Simple yet powerful tab manager for Google Chrome

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Hello ProductHunt! I created Tabli as a side project to cure my own frustrations at the difficulty of finding tabs when you have too many tabs open, and as a way to maintain collections of tabs organized by topic. Tabli is free to use and doesn't violate your privacy or share your data. Happy to answer any questions and would welcome feedback from the PH community.
Already testing it And already use it quite a lot - thumbs up!
Nicely done. Looks useful. I'll be trying Tabli out.
Would be nice to have a popup / warning when clicking x for parent items. One click and all my 32 tabs, gone :( cool idea though!
@mariepoopins Really sorry that this happened to you! The visual design of the window summary is intended to look a bit like the browser window itself, so the little 'x' dismiss button behaves the same way as the corresponding feature of a browser window. For the more novel Tabli feature of reverting a saved window, Tabli does offer a confirmation dialog: I know this is all small consolation when you've just lost a bunch of tabs though... :-(
@antonycourtney hey don't sweat it, needed a new start anyway! I've used it & it's nice to group them by windows. But I think usually it's just 1 window with gazillion tabs (maybe just me?). So some sort of interface where I can visually group tabs under a group that I manually created would be really really handy.
@mariepoopins Thanks for the understanding and your suggestion. A way to drag and drop between windows is probably the most requested feature and so high on my radar. In the meantime you can use Chrome's ability to drag tabs between windows to set up a Chrome window just the way you want and then save that for later. Please take a look at:
Looks pretty cool. Currently using for memory management, but really like your feature for saved tabs with meaningful names. Going to give it a shot. Thanks for creating it.
@lekanb Thanks. I have some ideas for how Tabli can help with memory management (essentially by deferring loading of tabs that don't have the focus when you restore a saved window until you switch to that tab). Please sign up for the Tabli mailing list (at the bottom of Tabli landing page) if you want to be notified of such features in new releases:
thanks for this!!! upvote