Tability for Jira 2.0

Focus and accountability for teams

Tability is a simple goal-tracking platform for teams. Tability for Jira helps you map your goals and OKRs to your Jira issues.
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Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹! I'm cringing a bit writing about Tability with the latest Away story as the way we describe ourselves is "accountability for teams". But here we go. We all have a ton of things to do during the week to keep things going. Meetings, emails, calls, bugs to fix, specs to write. Back in my previous job it made it quite hard to keep the bigger picture in mind, and I'd always fall behind on my long-term goals. We built Tability to fix that by providing a simple goal-tracking platform with automated reminders. We're agnostic (we don't care if you track OKRs, KPIs, or your own goal-setting framework), and we're light β€” we want to make sure we don't get in the way of your work. Anyway, it's been pretty great and we just rebuilt our integration with Jira from scratch. It lets you see in context what outcomes your issues/epics are mapping to. I'm also hoping that it'll provide a simpler alternative for OKRs to the teams that are using Jira for that (I'm ex-Atlassian, that's not a dig at my old company, but it's built for a different job). 🎯 Goal-tracking for OKRs, KPIs, projects πŸ¦‹ Light and flexible πŸ€– Automated reminders πŸ”Œ Jira integration (and Slack) πŸ’¬ Built for collaboration πŸ“ˆ Progress report πŸ“± Mobile app πŸ–₯ TV dashboards Have fun! ✌️