A material, customizable, and hackable new tab extension

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Hi all, I noticed the lack of customisability in today's tab page replacements and it annoyed it me how little you could actually customise. What is it: Tabbie provides a 4x2 grid in which you can add your favorite sites, bookmarks and apps. The items you add to the grid are called 'columns' and can be added, removed, resized, dragged and customised with column specific settings. Several columns already support logging in, and I plan to bring this to more columns. For it's future I have planned on adding RSS trough Feedly, which will allow you to add most article websites (TNW, TechCrunch, WIRED, etc etc) trough Feedly's search. On top of that, you will also be able to just add a feed URL yourself. Work in progress: It's still very much in active development, and it stil has a few known bugs here and there, so if you find anything that annoys you, don't forget to report it. (before checking if's it not already reported) I aim to fix every bug that gets reported within a month, like I've done so the last 2 months since it's launch. The issue tracker can be found here:
Tabbie keeps you informed, inspired, and up to date trough it's beautiful and customizable columns. Tabbie replaces your 'new tab' page with your favorite websites. Choose exactly what content you want to see. Sites supported for now (more coming): - Gmail - Dribbble - Behance - HackerNews - LayerVault Designer News - GitHub - Reddit (configure which subreddit you want) - - ProductHunt @jarizwarts is the maker!
Looks neat, and reminds me a bit of the old iGoogle interface. I tried it but disabled pretty quickly because there seem to be many UI bugs. (Tested on a rMBP on OS X 10.9.5 with Chrome 41.0.)
@kicksopenminds Thanks Taylor! Could you provide some more info of the bugs you ran into? I just released a update which should kill the nastiest ones.
@jarizwarts Sure, I'll follow up via Twitter when I get a chance.
Very cool! How does one add to the supported services? By forking and sending a pull request? [EDIT:] Never mind, just found the answer here:
So... iGoogle?
@chrismessina If I had to explain it in a single sentence, I'd say, that, and much much more. Is it a bad thing it reminds people of iGoogle then? I loved it back in the day!