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@bentossell Btw, "the great suspender" extension would be a very good addition to this
Save and group your tabs together - simple as that :)
Hey Everyone πŸ‘‹, I'm the maker of Tabbie. After several weekends of context switching between projects from the work week and typical weekend browsing, I decided to build this little extension. So for it's made it a little easier to jump back into the week on Mondays 😊 I'd love to hear feature suggestions or critiques if you've got them! (keeping track of those here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...). A couple things I'm fixing now: - A11Y fixes - Make the default to select current tabs in window (seems these are called a session)
@hjharnis hmm, it seems to save just a single tab right now. I would also *love* to see it autosave any more tabs you add to that window/tab-group. Really hope you'll continue working on it, been hoping for a maintained decent tab groups saver for chrome for ages!
@zee It is possible to save multiple tabs by using Cmd (or ctrl on windows) + click, but there's been a lot of feedback saying that isn't intuitive. Just about to push out a release that grabs the all of the open tabs by default, which seems to be what most people are expecting it to do. Hope that helps!
@hjharnis ah that's great to hear. Thanks. Do you plan to have new tabs created auto-save too to avoid having to keep on manually resaving? Thanks.
@zee Hadn't looked into that yet, would need to think a little more on the use case there. I'll add it on the feedback and github issues page for this project. Thank you for the suggestion πŸ™Œ
@zee The Projects feature of Ghost Browser (maker disclaimer) will do that type of autosave for you.
@iamredlus you are going to fall in love!