Tab Space

Improve your web browsing productivity with Safari

Tab Space is a Safari extension which can:
1. Save or restore your browsing tabs at 1 click (like OneTab).
2. Mark your saved tabs with #tags as filters.
3. Provide some useful shortcuts for Safari such as "Save to Bear".
Note: Safari 12.1 or later is required
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1 Review5.0/5
That's what I need.
What the read later section should be in every browser. Excellent !
@josselinco Thanks, and when talking about "read later", you remind me of linking this app to Pocket :)
Sorry I forget to mention that, all the data are stored locally in your browser, of course!
It helps me a lot
Awesome product! Already using it... my only suggestion would be a nicer font :)
@jorge_dieguez Thanks for your support and suggestion! To be honest, I didn’t understand much about design when I first made Tab Space. I only focused on the functionalities. But don’t worry, a UI designer has recently joined me and we are working on a new interface : )
@joyuer_ Awesome! I think you have a good product in hands though. Keep it up :)