Tab Snooze

Browser Extension that snoozes tabs. Mailbox for tabs!

#1 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2014
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If you're working on something important, and stumble upon an interesting article. You don't want to get distracted right now, but you don't want to close the tab either for fear of losing the article. Enter Tab Snooze: snooze the tab to come back later in the day, the next day, the coming weekend, whenever you need it!
Any chance of porting this to Safari?
@ninthart Hopefully soon, Brad! Working on polishing for Chrome first. :)
@athyuttamre Thanks Athyuttam, that's good to hear :)
Update: Unfortunately the extension is no longer maintained. You can take a look at the source here: === Hello everyone! I'm the developer. Many thanks to Kevin for posting about Tab Snooze. The extension and the UI is very much inspired by Mailbox, but I will hopefully be improving it with original artwork in the public release. Please not that since this is an alpha (literally 0.1), tabs won't be exportable to the future public release. I never expected this to get many downloads, haha. Working on an update right now that adds import/export functionality. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or feature requests! :) - Atty
This is extremely similar to the add-on a Mozilla developer made. :) I wonder why there's no attribution... (It's even the same design!)
@sagz Great point, I agree it's very similar. Being very honest here, I didn't know of the Firefox extension until launch (someone pointed it out to me on Facebook.) Tab Snooze's UI was directly inspired by Mailbox though, which is quite similar too.
@sagz @athyuttamre Sagar usually brilliant minds separated by distance without ever meetings usually come to the same conclusions which is what you would expect when talking about great design. At the heart of it all ( cars are designed exactly the same ) and two people independently invented what we call Calculus. I see a wonderful MVP here that works and is familiar he doesn't own any sort of ux implementation I see the icons which he's mentioned he'll be updating as having a resemblance to mailbox but he's already mentioned updating this. Also mailbox designers were obviously also influenced by another...and then this list can go on. Athyuttam I'd love to connect with you soon, actually working on something similar for my app would love your help.
Seems cool for making sure you dont bookmark a tab and never look at it again. I have that problem with using oneTab and pocket sometimes.