Comments on “Tab Snooze
Sagar@sagz · Data Guy, Facebook; ex-Lyft, ex-PayPal
This is extremely similar to the add-on a Mozilla developer made. :) I wonder why there's no attribution... (It's even the same design!)
Athyuttam Reddy@athyuttamre · Student, Brown University
@sagz Great point, I agree it's very similar. Being very honest here, I didn't know of the Firefox extension until launch (someone pointed it out to me on Facebook.) Tab Snooze's UI was directly inspired by Mailbox though, which is quite similar too.
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Quest
@sagz @athyuttamre Sagar usually brilliant minds separated by distance without ever meetings usually come to the same conclusions which is what you would expect when talking about great design. At the heart of it all ( cars are designed exactly the same ) and two people independently invented what we call Calculus. I see a wonderful MVP here that works and … See more