Unlimited ticket subscription to live events 🇺🇸🎟️

Hi, I'm SZNPASS! 😻
An unlimited last-minute ticket subscription to live events (i.e., sporting events, concerts, shows). For $59/month, our subscribers can explore everything their city has to offer!
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Christian Twizere
Christian Twizere@christian_twizere · Student, entrepreneur
Hi Matthew, great idea! Just one question, what if I see a last minute ticket for an event and I want to invite my friends, parents or girlfriend and they are not member, do they have to pay the normal price at the entrance ? Do they get a discount?
Matthew Redler
Matthew RedlerMaker@mattredler · CEO at sznpass
@christian_twizere thank you so much! You have the option of sitting with non-members by buying a guest ticket at the market price
Isaac Moore
Isaac Moore@iamramsey · Creative, I think
Just curious, some of the FAQ responses are identical word-for-word to the INWEGO FAQ. Are you affiliated with INWEGO?
Matthew Redler
Matthew RedlerMaker@mattredler · CEO at sznpass
Hey everybody 👋 I'm Matt from SZNPASS. I started working on this project because I noticed a ton of empty seats at the hockey games I attended. Meanwhile, I was paying an arm and a leg for my ticket which prevented me from going more than once a month. I believe that an affordable, unlimited subscription to last-minute, otherwise unsold tickets would be the perfect solution. 😸 Members can feel like they have a season ticket to everything and events can liquidate their perishable inventory! We just launched our MVP in Miami & Fort Lauderdale at No more ticket costs. No more service fees. Just go explorin' — $59/month.​
What kind of seating do you get? In theory, the idea is good but I doubt I can see the Maple Leafs for 60 bucks a month
Matthew Redler
Matthew RedlerMaker@mattredler · CEO at sznpass
@yngphnx thank you for this important question! The average live event according to Ticketmaster fails to sell about 30% of its seats. Because tickets for live events are perishable, sellers are willing to do what it takes to get butts in seats. While we cannot offer every event, especially in our earlier years, our goal is to offer our members as much as possible. As long as events have seats to fill, there is a mutually beneficial partnership to be had!