Packed with stunning 4K Visualizations, Karaoke mode and personalization settings, SYQEL turns any house party, casual hangout or relaxation session into a fully immersive experience.
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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! It's an honor. Very excited to share our incredible product with the community :) Our breakthrough features create a truly unique experience for music lovers & streamers worldwide.
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I applaud you for the fun idea. I'm outside of the demographic, in that I'm a happy user of Max/MSP, Jitter, P5.js and so on. So I couldn't imagine a scenario to pay a monthly fee greater than Spotify to have random visuals where I'm happy running things locally. There's definitely a market for visuals, and nobody has really nailed that space where visualists and even VJs still have a considerable learning curve even for the likes of Resolume playing clips, let alone the generative side. If you look at the incredible success of Defected's virtual festivals, and the various forms of augmented visuals that will be required to sustain this kind of things at scale and over time, and there's a solid market. But that is unlikely to be a subscription version of Winamp's Milkdrop. Or at least we can collectively imagine something exponentially more awesome than that. I'm keeping my eye on a productised version of Notch or something similar (google it everyone, it's truly amazing) on the generative side. That would be my genuine request above and beyond "random trippy visuals". There were enough open source mandelbrot apps in the 90s that ticked that box.
@davedri agreed, the milkdrop feed is what we offer free users. Paid subscribers get access to newly developed shaders and various JS visuals. One of our strengths is the timing of transitions and with the AI engine we are building selecting the right animation at the right time will provide a much more immersive experience, both at home and at the show.
@yoavshalev okay, so the actionable feedback there is to better show the strength of that timing so it is evident. Sounds great, can't wait to see it! I'm not super caught up in the "we are building" thing as the world is full of SaaS companies "building" things (and I say that from experience also). Likewise the "AI engine" is off-putting as again there's nothing really AI here. A Max or Jitter or Processing patch isn't AI, it's responsive. The underlying math and physics engines are cool enough without needing to turn them into Wall-E. The term "AI" is probably even more of an anti-signal for where I think your market is likely to be, and that's more in the prosumer space looking to incorporate a feed into something like MMhmmm or via OBS. Rather than a typical home music consumer wondering if it's worth paying more than Spotify for a visual that the demo looks pretty much on par with freeware players. None of which is claiming any expertise or being too negative. I'm very warm to the idea of a visual product, and I expect them to become standard within the next 12 to 24 months given the lifestyle integration of zoom calls and streaming events. But we're going to see some really intense innovation as soon as the first AR glasses are released, be it Apple or Facebook first, and visualisations for entertainment will be a big part of that. Anything still easily compared to Milkdrop isn't super exciting for 2020 as open source, let alone SaaS. The lesson we learn from open source (and I'm from Red Hat, so I learned this the long way) is to wrap up the power of configurability via smart UX and a simple UI. While the above is tough feedback, I'm cheering for you as this could be great, and you're on the right path. Good luck.
@davedri we see many things eye to eye, happy to take this conversation offline. email me yoav@ if you are interested in setting up a time to talk.
Great service; unfortunately the prices don't make sense at all for me. The cheapest plan costs almost as much as my Spotify subscription. A feature that I'd like to see, is for a Windows / Android app that connects to Spotify and detects music that is playing. Keep in mind that many people play music via their headphones and not a speaker.
@footer all of those integrations are on the way, including TV and VR apps
This is so trippy - I love it.