Automated Cloud Based Radiology Diagnosis with AI

Backed by Y Combinator, Synapsica is Radiology enterprise SaaS that aggregates diagnostic centers on a cloud platform. The platform uses intelligent algorithms to automate their Radiology diagnosis workflow making their businesses more efficient.
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Hi I am Dr Gandharv, co-founder at Synapsica. It has been an exciting journey in solving the efficiency quality trade off problem in healthcare. We help radiology practices in 3 fold manner: - 50% reduction in reporting cost - 75% reduction in errors - Up to 75X faster TAT (6 working days to 2 hours) Some highlights of our journey and market. - Processing ~10k cases (+25% MoM growth) monthly from 90+ diagnostic centres - +700M studies annually & 15000 diagnostic setups in US alone - $22bn US/ $55bn global market opportunity to help patients & healthcare setups Will love to get constructive & critical feedback from all of you.
Healthcare is on unsustainable trajectory in US and will double in next decade. There's dire need to increase productivity and utilization of physician with deep tech leading the way.
To solve problem of shortage of radiologists and improve diagnostic quality, cloud platforms which are designed to be used by radiology practices of all scales while delivering artificial intelligence based efficiencies and optimized workflows are the future. It's here and going strong.
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@ketan_chouhan Trying to make a dent :)
Wow, looks interesting!
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Wow , it works as a assistant of radiologist , Accurate reporting and easy to access ...