Venmo for business payments.

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On initial look, it looks great, the only thing that gets me going with companies like this is... What is UP with all of these new generation StartUps that have been coming out in the last 18 months that have: 0 Customer Service portal/system/chat, 0 Phone Number, 0 About Us page, 0 Privacy Policy, 0 Legal Disclaimer , and the list goes on... How can you expect to be taken seriously/professionally especially in an area where money is involved :(
@exlemor YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. If I'm trusting some random people to process my payments online or whatever, then they better have at least a PHONE NUMBER where I can call them if something goes haywire. Some of these fintec startups have awesome ideas but the practical stuff, like including a page or two for legal disclaimers, offering dedicated customer support (beyond email or chat), and maybe even putting some founder bios on the site, just totally escapes them.
Cease and desist from @Simple ( in 3...2...1...
@anodigital @simple I might be missing something but how would this be worth of a C&D from Simple, it's not the same product as Simple?
@anodigital @simple You think BBVA (Simple's parent bank) would really care?
@exlemor confusingly similar? That was just the first thought that came to mind.
@anodigital @exlemor Trademark law would come into play here and say that yes in fact they could be confused
Ha I used this exact tagline for my product Paynote
They should mention that it is only available in the US. Btw does anyone here know a good payment api (working for markeplace) available in Israel?