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Looks are okay


Many, many mistakes when nabigatinh

First installed it in 2012, the first route was a big deviation. Uninstalled it immediately. Yesterday (6 years later) installed it again and today uninstalled it. The looks are great, but it makes to many mistakes. 7 within 4km: 1.wants me to go in a street that's closed because of a new sewer (1 or 2 months already). 2.the next street is missing on the map. That's why I must turn. 3. On a main street I must go right to take a street just for bikes. 4. Sygic tell me to go across a parking lot because it's shorter (but much longer. Glad I didn't have my Mobil home with me). 5.Sygic wants me to drive into a one way street, that's not allowed for me. 6. It wants me to take the bus lane and 7. It tells me that close to a roundabout is a Speedcam. But there hasn't been one, never. This all happens within 10 minutes in 3 to 4 kms. I am cured and try Sygic in 2024 again.


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Barbora Nevosadova
Barbora Nevosadova@barbora_nevosadova · Sygic Travel
Hi, I believe you are commenting on another product from the Sygic group - GPS Navigation. Still, I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. Could you please tell me what city you tried it out? It seems like there is a problem with maps there.