Swipe based Surveys for the distracted mobile generation.


Preston Tamkin
@preston_tamkin · CTO @ Swurveys
Hello Hunters, Maker here! We built Swurveys because surveys suck and have such a negative stigma. We're building the first feedback platform optimized for the Taker that's fast, fresh, and FUN. We're in the early days, but we'd love to hear what you love and hate about our product. We have a ton of features in private beta like webhooks, leadgen, voice/pic… See more
Alex Diaz
@optimusdiaz · Marketing & Ops @ Uber ⚡️
VERY cool layout to a much needed change; I've taken a few and honestly excited to see this grow.
Chris Pitchford
@chris_pitchford · Co- Founder + Growth @Shyft
Wow, this is great. Super smooth tool! Thanks for sharing.
Bilaal A.
@_bilaal · Founder, Linktank
I've taken swurveys from a couple of past events. It's a different experience and one that just feels a bit more fun than the usual tedium with filling out a swurvey. They seem to have found their niche for so many companies or small groups interested in getting valuable, authentic input on the fly.
Brendan Beirne
@brendanbeirne · Strategy / product, Joojoo
That's a great name :)