Swap jobs with peers and learn new things

Unlock new job opportunities, connect with peers and swap jobs. Take back control of your career path using our AI to find peers and jobs you weren't aware of. Don't get stuck in a boring job!
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In a nutshell, we've been working on a solution to enable job swap for the last year pivoting our platform in different ways so we educate big companies on the benefits of a job swap, by using AI technology that allows peers to connect, invite other peers and get access to jobs that are not available anywhere else. A pool of employees willing to move from their current positions and learn something new across teams and regions. After spending the last 10 years working on big corporates, we realized how hard is to move internally, even being a strong performer and adding value to the organization is really difficult to get out of a silo in order to continue learning and growing. Lack of advancement opportunities is the main reason why people leave great jobs behind. Talent is still the biggest blocker in this industry but people hate to talk about it - instead just throw money at the problem. In a recent study from Deloitte this year 43% of Millenials are actually planning to leave their jobs within 2 years, and for companies, this is pretty expensive and can be up to 2x their annual salary. That's why we developed Swopp.me, a unique platform that uses artificial intelligence to help employees to connect and swap jobs within their current organization, allowing them to keep learning and growing while companies reduce their hiring costs. Swopp.me is FOR FREE. We want to help you to find a new role you're happy with. What can you do once you signup? -> You can see other user roles available that match your interests and connect with their respective owners. -> Our algorithm will calculate a match rate based on your profile data and the current role you are interested in. -> Unlock new opportunities by Inviting your co-workers so you can add more roles to your dashboard. Any feedback or comments are welcome. We are really excited to hear from you.
@mr_txo So you can swap only with someone within your organization?
@amy_davis Hello! That's a great question, to be fully transparent with you, we initially envisioned less friction if you try to swap jobs with someone within your own organisation (as both will be under "the same internal rules", that's why we mentioned it in the message above), but in reality our tool will let you apply for jobs at other organisations where there is one peer matching your interests. We didn't want you to stop swapping for a job somewhere else. :) Makes sense?
@mr_txo I support controversial ideas and products! Keep going!
@samravshanov Thanks a lot! Means a lot to us! :) Feel free to check it out and share some feedback so we can improve it πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ