A self-updating website, synced with your social networks

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We are really excited to share Swite.com with the Product Hunt community. Swite creates a website that is synchronized with the rest of your online presence by importing the posts, photos and videos from your social networks and updating itself when you post something new. Having a website is becoming more and more important to showcase what you do and the level of professionalism with which you do it. Any non-techie who has tried to create a website knows that there are the technical and design barriers, which are normally resolved by hiring an expensive consultant, and there is the creation of all the content and then the difficulty of keeping it up to date. Swite simplifies everything by building itself around the content that is posted every day on social networks. Try it out and tell us what you like and what you’d like for us to add.
Love it! Very easy to setup. Took me less than 60 seconds to create a website from my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here is the site I just created: https://swite.com/janm @jacopom FYI somehow Italian was set as my default language.
@janahrend Thanks for your video, we gonna check it out immediately
@janahrend Great video and very nice swite. Sorry about the Italian - It should be based on your browsers language, with English as a default. I'll look into it. For the language settings, there is a general setting for the account within the dashboard that can control the sidebar, emails you receive, etc. Each site then has its own, independent language setting so that you can have different sites in different languages (right now, just English and Italian).
@jarrodfath @jacopom I just changed the language in the settings. Awesome!
Just created Swite account connecting my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I guess my Instagram persona, Twitter persona and Facebook persona are all different. Interested to see mixing them up all together. Maybe good for self branding but I am not sure yet. Will figure out after using Swite for a while :)
@kzynakamura We've seen that a lot of people use different social networks for different reasons, which is why it's possible to have multiple swites. With Facebook Pages, you can create as many sites as you have Pages. For Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook Profiles, it is currently possible to connect only one account, but connecting multiple accounts and more combinations (such as connecting Twitter with a Facebook Page, which unfortunately is not currently possible) are coming soon.
awesome product !!
Just made a quick site to test it out and it could not have been easier
@brandonbailey Thanks! That's the point - with all of the digital content that we all create and share everyday, it should be this easy!