Put any head on your head

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Switchcam is a fun new app we have just launched that lets you overlay any image overtop heads in realtime. I'd love to hear what the PH community thinks of Switchcam. Jacob
Good news: the tracking works really well. Bad news: the tracking only works when the app is suspended, so it's absolutely unusable.
@aidan What do you mean by "when the app is suspended"? We will try and get that fixed ASAP.
@jgcatalano If I double tap on the home button to open recent apps, or open command center, it instantly starts working. Entering the app again causes it to instantly stop working. The issue persisted after multiple relaunches. Good luck! The app seems really cool.
@aidan Good to know, we will certainly get that fixed. Really appreciate the feedback!
Cool concept! It would be nice if the faces can look more natural :)