Send your laid-off talent to top startups looking to hire

We know how hard it is to let people go 💔Let's find them a new job:
1) Upload your list of laid-off talent
2) Follow their progress on the path to being hired
3) Only selected startups can access your list. No Headhunter.
No hiring fees. It's free.
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Exactly 1 year ago, my startup was on the edge of bankruptcy and I had to let 30 people go... That was one of the most difficult decisions I had to take in my life 😔 Back then, we made a Google Sheet of these 30 names and shared it with other startups to find them a new home. It was an inefficient process that got hijacked by some headhunters that managed to get their hands on our list 🤬🤬 Today, our ecosystem is going through an unprecedented crisis. Startups are laying off like never before and some of my most talented friends are now unemployed😢 This is why we hacked together this platform. Already dozens of startups have agreed to upload their list of laid-off talent on it and more than 20 VCs are among our supporters 💪💪 We are announcing it here today so it can serve a broader community of makers and startups in the world. Whether you need to let some people go or you need to hire new talent, we hope it will help 🤝 Let's be united, let's be efficient, let's find our friends a new job! ❤️❤️💛
@oncejean thanks for sharing !
@oncejean Great Idea!
@oncejean pretty cool of you guys :) and wonderful job on getting it done! 💪
Startups in Travel, Hospitality, Entertainment, Restaurant Tech, Mobility (to name a few) are drastically reducing staff, while others in Healthcare, Mental Health, Education, E-commerce, Cloud, Supply Chain Management, Insurance (to name a few) can't even cope with the demand right now and must hire. For the first ones, the minimum is to make sure that people let go won't stay unemployed and can find their next dream job right away. When you're in this position as an Entrepreneur, you want to help and you want reach out to all other Entrepreneurs you know and recommend these talents. But it's hard to know who is recruiting and who is not in this crazy environment. Switch is just taking this to the next level, connecting all startups that are letting people go to all startups that are hiring, creating a global and free talent marketplace.
@romainlavault Thanks Romain for the thoughtful comment!
Great initiative!! This will really make the difference for lot of people! Stay safe!
@adrian_caumel_martin thanks and stay safe too !
Already hundreds of talent have given permission to receive job opportunities on Switch -- considering the current situation this was a very needed service we're addressing to entrepreneurs, CEOs and VP of People. Hope you all like it!
@eva_perry Hopefully we will help those talents find a new position very soon! 🙏
Is your company ...?
laying off talents 😔
still hiring talents ♥️
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