Zap between your favorite apps lightning fast.

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2019
Switch — A key-combo window manager built with Electron.
Switch between your favorite apps lightning fast (Windows, macOS — Under development).
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waiting for mac 😐
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@stevenjames Thanks! It still under development.
What makes it different from command tab?
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@spartan16601 yes also scratching my head on that one... I guess you could tie more apps that are quicker to reach like alt + 4. Even that's ⌘ + Tab x 4...😕
Expecting for Linux as well.
@sagar_duwal Linux support too is coming, we just want to finish the mac support so we can focus in Linux fully.
Hey great job! 😊 Have freshly downloaded it but I'm not able to use it to the fullest. Can this be used with our pre installed apps and need not to be opened as it is a pain to open files from folder? Looking forward to more options on Dock as it should be replicating the Mac system
@ayush_chandra Hmm, nice, like a feature that automatically scans your pre installed apps and then ask you add them.
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@victor_aremu Yes that would be an interesting feature for it. Im looking forward to say goodbye to my default windows taskbar and you can only do it with implementation that i suggested to you.
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@ayush_chandra Sure, this feature will come out with the next major release.
There appears to be an animation/transition effect upon switching, in the demo video. Is that unavoidable because the effect is from Windows? Will the MacOS version have an animation/transition effect? If not, looking forward!
@jumbleofneurons It's unavoidable because the effect is from Windows. The MacOS version will have animation/transition effect that is set as default by MacOS, that can't be changed.