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Hi Hunters, Here is a minimalistic client for Product Hunt, gives you a classical swipe right / swipe left feature to discover quickly and with fun the awesome featured products of the day. You can then see more information about each product from the view list. Bonus : it's open source built with react-native and native-base, you can find sources here : https://github.com/notifme/swipe... For iOS users you can get it with expo https://expo.io/@jnoleau/hunty-ph. Happy hunting.
@jnoleau Good idea ! Will you add a b"view button" to the IOS version on expo ?
@vincsaintm Thanks. what do you mean? you don't see the "view" button on the project list on iOS?
@jnoleau not on the swipe view, only after in the liked section
@vincsaintm this is a wanted feature in fact. The swipe view is acting as a pre-selection with minimal information (title, tagline, logo, only 1 screenshot) . Like in "tinder" it's a quick judgement based on your first impression. That's the rule of the swipe game ;)
@jnoleau Sounds good to me ! and for producthunt lovers