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Robleh Jama
@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Learn to code in Swift on the go. This one's very similar to @triplejberger 's Swifty app which I'm a big fan of.
Johannes Berger
@triplejberger · Co-founder & CEO, Mimo
@robjama @robjama Thanks for mentioning Swifty! Swiftbites looks really similar to my app. I like the gamification touch, we are currently working on adding more gamification elements to Swifty (& Javvy) as well to keep the users engaged. However I don’t like the way they are trying to fool people into buying the full course. By clicking „Yes, I’m interested [in upgrading]!“, you will start the In-App purchase without knowing that you are buying something already. (No price shown at this point!)
Alan Nawoj
@alannawoj · Founder, Beacon Mobile
@triplejberger Thanks for the feedback @triplejberger! We'll definitely address the In-App purchase point you mentioned in the next release... our goal was just to have a single In-App purchase for the complete course content (similar to how people would buy an entire course) since SwiftBites initially started out as a short Web-based online course to teach people how to code in Swift. When it was packaged into an iOS app instead, we kept the Certificate of Completion, gamification, and PDF Swift Cheat Sheet aspects. The Xcode syntax coloring was inspired by your awesome app, which we're big fans of as well. It's awesome to see all of these great learning resources on Swift that get people excited about learning to code! Keep up the good work!