Swift Budget

Start tracking your spending

Swift Budget is designed to allow you to quickly confirm your transactions. It offers an educated guess that you can easily confirm, or you can change the envelope quickly. Import transactions, sync between devices, and easily track your spending over time.
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That looks really good. How about sharing a budget with somebody? For example, my wife and I share a joint account for our day to day spending, how would that work?
@andreasduess there isn’t a concept of shared accounts currently, my wife and I both just use the same account to log in. You can log in on any device and see the latest data. So for now, just one person make an account and share the login with the other person.
I didn't like any of the current budgeting options so I decided to make my own in my spare time. I hope you like it. Just let me know if you have any questions.
@clarky07 what would you say are the advantages over Mint?
@luizcent the thing that annoys me about mint is the auto categorizing of transactions. Personal finance is personal, and it’s impossible to get them right 100% of the time. We use the same type of guesses so if it is right you can quickly confirm it, but if it isn’t you have a chance to correct it before it goes into the wrong budget category. For me personally, I prefer going over each transaction and making sure I know where the money is going. Mint (and others) are great for getting a high level overview. They are going to get most right, but I want to get every transaction right and be more precise. The other thing is a difference in style. Mint is inherently backwards looking. Swift Budget is based on envelope budgeting, so it tries to be forward looking and actually help you control your spending. Ideally you are filling your envelopes, and then it helps you make decisions based on what you have allocated for yourself.
really conveniently for personal budget managing