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I love the idea of Swift Bootstrap. If executed right this could be a solid resource for iOS development and prototyping. @lucasjgordon wrote about what inspired him to start Swift Bootstrap here. Check it out > http://blog.trackduck.com/2015/0...
@robjama thank you for hunting, so pleased to hear that you like the idea!
Hey everyone, very excited to see that Swift Bootstrap was hunted today! I enjoy iOS development, but there aren't that many tools available to speed up some of the more repetitive aspects of the development process. I thought it would be useful to build a couple of simple tools to help develop iOS apps faster, similar to the tools we have available for web development. I really hope you enjoy using Swift Bootstrap, it's just an exploration of an idea at this stage and I'm keen to take it further. Please let me know how I can improve the existing product, and what aspects of iOS development you would like to see included! Thank you for taking the time to check out Swift Bootstrap, and thanks a lot to @robjama for hunting!
Wow. Please keep going with this.
@kristofertm thank you Kris, I intend to!
Lucas - you recently spoke about your amazing goal for the year (episode 302 of The App Guy Podcast which everyone here should listen to). Swift Bootstrap is brilliant work. Keep up the awesome projects and congratulations on crushing it today on PH!
@paul_s_kemp thank you so much Paul! Listening to your podcast inspired me to get started with Swift Bootstrap, I'm so grateful to you for creating it!
Thanks for putting this together. I was able to go thru the pages quickly and easily. My primary app is landscape only and it looks like your site is only for portrait-oriented apps. Do you have any plans to support landscape-only apps & games?
@fbara at this point it's only a very basic implementation of the idea, and I was really hoping to take my development lead from user feedback. So in short, yes I'm now planning to support landscape orientation :)
@lucasjgordon Thanks for taking my feedback, Lucas. Any plans on supporting Objective-C?
@fbara I think Objective-C support makes a lot of sense. I started with Swift because it's what I'm learning at the moment, but yah why not. I'll add it to the list!