Instagram automation done right.

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Hey guys, just wanted to share with you this great tool I've been using personally for some time and decided to make it available for everyone else. I wanna hear what do you think about the UX, visuals, idea, and how easy it is to use. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
@ramon_fritsch hi Ramon! Haven't had the chance to test yet, but I'm interested to know if Swellize can display the geographical breakdown of followers? thx
@jonasfgr Not yet. Definitely something to think about in the future. Thanks!
@ramon_fritsch thanks trying it out now!
@ramon_fritsch What differentiates Swellize from other insta bots?
@alexsiminoff Hi! More efficiency always reaching out people that you've never interacted before. It also gives you detailed statistics of conversion for each hashtag, this enables you to keep improving your hashtags and make your campaign more efficient along the way.
seems not working on my side
Hi @ramon_fritsch are you the creator of this tool? I'm just wondering, what's your take on Instagram requesting tools to shut down if they automate like, comment, and follow actions?
@fouad_tolaib Yep. Totally agree if the app is infringing Instagram's TOS.
@ramon_fritsch isn't your tool automating the same tasks as well?