Park on-street instantly in SF

A few nights ago I rented a Getaround car. Around 10pm I started circling downtown SF, looking for parking... for 30 minutes. Thankfully I don't drive often but parking is sooo frustrating in this city if you don't have a reserved spot. Sweetch is like "reverse Uber" and I love products that can give me more time, but I have honest skepticism of the market size and business model. I'll ping the founders to see if they want to jump in... they've thought a bit more about this than the 5 mins I've spent. ;)
Definitely solving a pain point and I think the business model can evolve. I wonder how you overcome the multiple friction points outside of the chicken and the egg. 2 users have to be explicitly using the app in close to real-time in a geography specific area. Excited to test it out.
Hello Guys, I am cofounder of Sweetch. Super excited to see you on the app. Please email me at hamza@sweetch.me mentioning productHunt and I'll give you $20 credits to try it. We have an iPhone app: www.bit.ly/downloadSweetch and webapp (private beta): app.sweetch.me. We are live in the Mission, Marina and North Beach for the moment. @rrhoover for the moment, we are more focused on bringing a simple and efficient solution to help drivers find parking than on our business model @MikePreuss you are right about the high time and space constraints. That's why we open Sweetch neighborhood by neighborhood Again, super excited to see you on the app!!
Very promising team!
This is awesome. Will give it a try asap. I need to get better at parallel parking, however. ;) #embarrassing