an app for crushing your recurring tasks

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Thomas Fuchs
Thomas FuchsMaker@thomasfuchs · Owner, Freckle
Heya! We're about to move into closed alpha/beta with sweep. If you'd like to crush your recurring tasks, leave your email in the box on https://sweep.cards ;) And—follow our progress, we're live-tweeting making the app in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/amyhoy/statu...
Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence@ideasasylum · 💻 📈 🏊 🇮🇪 🐠 🐈
👋 I love the design and the examples (content producing stuff seems to make sense). I can see that as useful. How do you see people using this alongside non-recurring tasks?
Thomas Fuchs
Thomas FuchsMaker@thomasfuchs · Owner, Freckle
@ideasasylum We'll also have one-off cards fwiw. But the thing is there's basically nothing out there for tasks that you have to do over and over. Something that makes it simple to delegate and easy to document processes. Think of "what steps do I need to do to write a blog post"? If you put "write blog post" in a e.g. Trello card chances are you'll never do it.