Waze for people. See where everyone is in realtime

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Hey folks, thanks for upvoting.. MASSIVELY appreciated! I made Swarmly because I wanted a location sharing app that was about more than just me and my friends - I wanted to see a live map of my whole city or country! Every time I open google maps and it has nothing on it... I die a little inside. Maps should have more than stationary things on it. There should be people, friends and places - things happening right now. The goal here is to create a real time shared map of the globe, a new way to discover and share the world around us - as it happens - and not confined to some news stream.. but actually contextualized for the physical world. I would love to know your thoughts and feedback, or if you wish to contact us privately you can get me on marco at swarmly dot co Marco.
@marcode what do you think of Sonar or Plazes?
@chrismessina hey chris :) Plazes was web based. humans are lazy, anything that requires manual updates is hard to justify. Sonar was about connecting people based on interests or was only useful if you were near people who had the app installed or were in your networks. Swarmly is more about discovery by shared location on a large scale - its always changing, people are in constant motion and you can see the whole world. It's more about real time context for the physical world than the individual. There is no private or personal data shared with anyone, its just anonymous passive location.
Marketing slogan: "If you have drunk friends, you need Swarmly" ... I'm sold
Nicely executed UX. Simple way to see who is around or near you in real time and what is going on.
@rumford thanks rodney! :)
Really like it. Remind me of Harry Potter.
@hhua_ kinda, yeah :)
I cannot create my count through Twitter, Facebook, or email. Is there an issue?
@infdaze hi infdaze. if you are having trouble connecting a social account, you should be able to register ok with an email address.. unless perhaps something went wrong and thats the same email as your social account. Can you try registering with an account un-associated with any social account previously tried? apologies, we will take a look at that!