Automatically share your stock trades with your network

Swarm automatically group-texts your stock trades to your close family and friends. Share, discuss, and learn together to make smarter investments.
Link your brokerage, form your Swarm - we do the rest! We only share what you trade, not how much you invested.
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Hi PH 👋 We are excited to share with you what we have been busy building over the past few months. We call it Swarm! We created Swarm to give the average investor (like us!) a better shot at making money in the stock market. Sure there are a ton of research and investment analysis tools out there, but if you’re like us, you are overwhelmed by all of the information and don’t know who to trust or what to believe. We built Swarm so that we could talk to people we trust transparently about what investments we are making, and use their insights to help us make smarter decisions. Swarm is really easy to use: Securely link your brokerage and create your Swarm (your private group with only the people you trust). Next time you trade, we automatically group-text your transactions to your Swarm. The sharing goes both ways — you’ll also see the trades others in your Swarm are making! Start discussing your trades and learn from others you trust. We take privacy and security seriously. We only share with your Swarm what you are trading — we do not share how much money you are investing. We use Plaid to connect to your brokerage to ensure security. Please note that our automated texting service isn't real-time. Because we use Plaid, there is usually a delay in automatically texting your trades to your network. Also note, we only support USA currently. It's free to use. Give Swarm a try! We think you’ll love it. Have ideas for how to make Swarm better 🙏: https://swarm.nolt.io/top Connect with us on Twitter: @swarm_investing
Rohan Shah
Co-Founder & CEO @SliceCapital
Been following this project for a little while - super pumped to see where it goes!
Kamron JacobsCEO of Marketing Manager
I'm intrigued. How do you make money?
@kamronjacobs we don’t at the moment but we have some premium features for our users we want to launch in the future
I wish this product existed back in March 2020! Do you have any plans to include interface for Swarm beyond the group text in the near future?
@new_user_216f598c1d yup! the iOS app is in the works
Steve LiuSoftware Engineer!
Hahaha this is classic!
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