Yelp for Apartments

#4 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2014
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Neat - though I wouldn't necessarily want to review where I'm currently living - it's kind of creepy to offer that information on the internet, and I wonder how relevant aged reviews would be. I could review the complexes I lived at in college - but are they still owned or managed by the same company/person/group? Does my five-year-old opinion on laundry accommodations still matter, or have they replaced that dryer that always seemed to tear my favorite tops? Like the idea. Interested to see if it gains traction.
@stttories My thoughts exactly. The UI was so good though that it got me thinking about moving to Seattle :-)
When I'm looking for an apartment I want to see a map as my default view. Just my opinion.
seems pretty similar to cribspot.com
I'm curious why they chose San Francisco and New York to be among their first markets. I would think that in markets with < 2% vacancy rates, ratings and reviews would be less valuable because supply is so constrained.
@MattHartman great point. I've been apartment shopping in low vacancy rate cities and I am now shopping in a higher vacancy rate city and it really is quite different.