Suzy Snooze

All-in-one smart nightlight, sleep soother and baby monitor


Suzy Snooze is a new breed of baby monitor that actively helps your child get to sleep. Her soothing light and sound creates a comfortable and familiar environment, so your child gets to sleep faster and sleeps more happily. Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor.

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would be nice if it read bedtime stories (e.g. from audible)


fun and kid friendly shape, simple, not trying to do too much, fits in seamlessly with bedroom


should have ability to dim light (may already exist), no size options

Co-Founder & Marketing Consultant
Hiya Derek, you can dim the light using the app, or by twisting Suzy's cap.

Terrible product that has serious bugs and shouldn’t be marketed to parents.

Intercom function via phone app sounds great, but only intermittently connects to phone.. Emailed customer service multiple times with no resolutiOn.

This is product is basically an expensive baby light that plays a sound loop.

For parents. Best use is trash.


Looks great


Absolutely useless

Co-Founder, Noodum

Love it.


Gentle soothing music. It's been part of my son's routine for a long while - he can't sleep without it!


Introduce a couple colour variations? Curious to know if the smart features they mentioned live yet.