Like a nutritionist on your phone 📲

Sustainabody is a food tracker that shows you what vitamins and minerals are in your food, and what foods your body needs most. Get suggestions based on what your body actually needs. Track micronutrients like Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and more. It's super simple and fun to use - fill up the figure with color and you're done for the day!

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love the idea, but since the most healthy foods will not be processed, i imagine a lot of manual entry. any plans to recognize food from images?
@passingnotes Yes, that's definitely in our future!
@passingnotes @m_____v this would be an excellent use of the "not a hotdog" algorithm
great job, can see Voice playing a nice role in this system as an input mechanism. Obvious question.. Android version? :)
Great idea and good UI, congrats!
The iOS app screenshots on your website look very clean. If this is in the same market as myFitnessPal (I think it is, from what I read), then this is way cleaner than the incumbents in the market. :-) Kudos on getting this out. Is your business model primarily via people purchasing the ad-free upgrade, or something else as well?
@dotmanish Thanks - It is and appreciate the compliments :) Currently it's ad-free upgrades but this is going to expand rather soon into getting a little more insight into your dietary health
Do we have to add content in it or it is automation build?
@ayush_chandra We have a pretty robust database (600,000+ foods added in the latest update) so you'd only need to add your own content if you happened to have something we don't have - maybe a supplement! We also let you create recipes which could be something worth creating (you add ingredients, pick the # of serving size and get a recipe/food item)